Bongaon Pourosobha


After a long cessation it became possible to build the Burning Ghat with the help of MLA fund of ex MLA,Sri Gopal Sheth and MP fund of ex MP Sri Gobinda Chandra Naskar,Municipal fund the development of Late Bhupendra Chandra Shmriti electric crematorium occurred. The approximate expenditure was 3 crore and 15 lakhs.40 lakhs from MLA fund of ex MLA,Sri Gopal Sheth,35 lakhs from MP fund of ex MP Sri Gobinda Chandra Naskar,80 lakhs from Municipal fund from dept od West Bengal Govt and 1 crore 60 lakhs from has been spent to build the crematorium.

Credential for cremation certificate:
1.Original certificate from registered doctor/hospital
2.Photocopy of adhar card.