Bongaon Pourosobha

Welcome to Bongaon Municipality

The vision of the Bongaon Municipality is to transform Bongaon into a vibrant, Beautiful, green, environmentally clean, pollution free urban area along with self reliant, transparent, pro-poor and technically equipped governance. Providing basic infrastructures like water supply, sanitation, communication and storm water drainage, solid waste management along with health facilities as per standards and norms to all the citizens. The existing land to be used properly.
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Sarad subhechha
Sarad subhechha

By Sri Sankar Addhya - 1st Jan 1970

সুনীল আকাশে সাদা মেঘের ভেলায়, কাশফুলের আন্দোলনে আর শিউলির সুবাসে মেতে উঠেছে মাটি ও মানুষ ;