Bongaon Municipality


Bongaon is located at 23.04E. it has an average elevation of 7 metres (22feet). It is the last station on the Sealdah-Bongaon Section of Easter Railway, 77km from Sealdah station. It is part of the Kolkata suburban Railway System. The Sealdah - Bongaon railway was built between 1882 and 1884. strong>Geo-political significance :Bongaon has border with Bongladesh. In Bongaon, it is called petrapole and in the Bangladesh side it is called Benapol. It is the most favoured road check post. The Indian Railway has started a weekly goods rail transport of 35 wagons, Sonar Bangla, from Bongaon. It was started by the then Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee under the NDA Government. The route was established in 1884 and the Barisal Express operated passenger services till 1947. after the partition, a mixed service (Passenger and goods) continuied till the Indo-Pakistan was of 1965. With the creation of Bangladesh, the goods train service was reintroduced for two years from 1972 but again closed for lack of goods. India and Bangladesh signed an agreement to re-establish the train link. 

 Climate : Rainfall - 1,579 mm (normal) Temperature - Max 410 C in may and Min 100C in january. Relative Humidity - Between 50% in March & 90% in July. Soil Status - Varies from sandy to clay loam Ratio of Land - High : Medium : Low = 17 : 44 : 39

Education : There are many schools in Bongaon Municipality though  Bongaon High School for Boys and Kumudini Girls School for Girls are on of the most sought by students among the schools. Bongaon has a Collage named Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya.

River : "ICHHAMOTI" river goes through the Bongaon Sub-Division.

Road: National Highway No.-34 goes through the Bongaon Sub-Division. "Chakdah Road" is the connector / bypass between NH-34 and NH-35.

Sports : In sports side Bongaon is very cultural. There are many play grounds like 1. Stadium 2. Pratapgarh Playground 3. Subhas Pally Playground 4. BDO Office's Playground 5. Abhijan Sangha Playground etc. Football and Cricket are the key game of Bongaon. Stadium is the main palyground of Bongaon. Here both cricket and football games take place. Pratapgarh is main cricket ground which is situated opposite of Bongaon Sub-divisional Hospital.

Healthcare : Bongaon has a Goverment aided Hospital namely Dr. J.R.Dhar S.D. Hospital. It has 250 beds and 34 doctors. As most of the people of this region are Below Poverty Line they get gree treatments here. Specialist doctors are also available for the treatment of the communities. There is some private Nursing Homes in Bongaon.

Main Festival : "Durga Puja" is the most gavourtie festival in Bongaon otherwise "Kali Puja","Biswakarma Puja","Loknath Puja","Saraswati Puja" also take place here.


Chairman Massage

Keeping pace with the ovarall development of the state, Bongaon Municipality also envisions itself to develop according to the Government of West Bengal. Therefore we have prepared a comprehensive and wide spread for our ULB after consulting with the people from all walks of life, all communities and fianally analyzing the report ward wise Socio Economic Survey. The Municipal Authority has tried their best to sort out prioritized problems with the available limited municipal resouces. We started our journey on 2010 and through hard work and determination we have achieved the goal which we have set for ourselves. we are always ready to provide all type of service for the people. we are greatfull to all people who has cooperated and bless us for implementation of development work of New Park for child, all types of roads , New Office Building. New Electric Cremation, New Diagnostic Centre and Polyclinic, New Rabindra Bhavan, new school building,  Community Hall, Varities type of street light and  door to door health system, good education system.